Thursday, April 20, 2017


We had a great trip to NatureBridge last week.  Here are the slides from the presentation the students gave in Gathering to the other students.  

Merrymere Falls Hike

When we were at Merrymere Falls we learned that if you stare at the falls and then the rocks beside it the rocks look like the rocks are moving up.

Free Time

In free time there was a lot of fun. We did lots of different things in free time. At the beach we made forts out of drift wood.

Beach Time!

Marine Mammals

One of the games that we played was Seal and Sea Lion. A seal on land moves without it’s flippers. A sea lion on land only moves with it’s front flippers. We were supposed to move like a seal one way and move like a sea lion. In another game we played, we each got a card and we put it on our foreheads. Then we gave each other hints and tried to guess what our card was.

Dolphin and Salmon Game


At Nature Bridge there was this thing called Ort. Ort is left over food from meals. Seabury had 0 Ort every meal.

Games at NatureBridge

Where is Sheepie is one of the games that we played at Nature Bridge. It was a game that you line up somewhere on the beach. When the guide looks away you need to run and grab Sheppie. Then we had to get all the way back without the guide guessing who had Sheepie. The catch was that everyone had to hold Sheepie before we could win. It took about 4-5 times to come up with a strategy to get Sheepie back.

 Tide Pooling

On the first full day we were there we went tide pooling at Salt Creek. We saw lots of cool sea creatures like the blood sea star.
It was super slippery and we were basically walking on mussels. Lots of people fell in the water, including Mrs. Price.



We all had an awesome time canoeing,
we heard some awesome stories (which
you'll be hearing about on Sam’s slide. ) 

Story Time
The Soap Lady story:
One time on the lake there was 2 fisherman and they found a object in the water and is started to look like a person they ran back to land called the police and they pulled the body out of the water it was a human but turned into soap they found a golden braces in her mouth and sent a message to all dentist cause it was gold it was unique. Years later somebody said they made it so they investigated Monty her boyfriend who said she was in Alaska in 1944. They found Monty guilty of secondary murder and Monty was sentenced to like in WA penitentiary .

Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Non Profits

The Alchemists are finishing up their visits to Pierce County non profits with a trip to the Rainbow Center and the Emergency Food Network.
At the Rainbow Center we learned more about the LGBTQ community and how we can be allies. The students learned about how the Rainbow Center provides services to the community through sponsoring Tacoma Pride, providing education and a safe space to LGBTQ people.

At the Emergency Food Network the Alchemists learned how they warehouse and supply food to the food banks throughout the area. By buying in bulk EFN can get food much cheaper and then volunteers bag the food into smaller family size bags. The Alchemists bagged 3,400 pounds of rice! It was hard work but also a lot of fun.

The Alchemists are now completing their action plans for how they will help the non profit of their choice. It will be exciting to see what they are able to accomplish!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fish Dissection

We had another visit from our favorite Marine Biologist, David Winfrey, so the Alchemists could look at the anatomy of fin fish. We looked at two tilapia and identified the fins, took off some scales and then opened them up to identify the internal organs. Mr. Winfrey also discussed with the students the development of back bones and how that was a major jump in evolution of all animals.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Science Fair

We had a wonderful turn out for the Science Fair and some really interesting projects to share with our visitors. The Alchemists worked hard on their experiments and engineering projects and did a great job of sharing what they had learned with other Seabury students and families.  Some projects included:

Does the color of a cookie influence favorites?

How can you make a better dam for salmon?

Does sound affect adults more than kids?

What is the best cleaner for getting rid of soap scum?

Could Brunelleschi use Tim's Mirror Apparatus to draw his picture of the Baptistery?  

How do different liquids affect teeth?  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snake Lake

We had a great trip to the Tacoma Nature Center for the Water Sleuths presentation.  The students investigated a model of how rainwater runs into the sound and were able to see that pesticides, waste water, and other pollutants affect it.  

They also tested the water from Snake Lake for nitrates and phosphates, as well as the ph level. 

Students counted the number of animals heard and seen as they walked the half mile to one of the bridges over the lake.

Once they got to the lake, they used secchi disks to check the water clarity of the lake. Ask your child about the secchi disks!

It is a good thing they didn't need to count all of the mosquitoes that swarmed them when they reached the bridge!  They were everywhere!

Once they had gathered all of their data, they were able to deduce that Snake Lake is healthy!